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A popular prescription medication to treat hypotichosis, Latisse® promotes healthy, full eyelashes which will begin to grow longer and darker. The FDA approved treatment is only meant for the upper eyelashes, and requires continuous treatment to be effective.

How it Works

Latisse® increases the dramatic appearance of eyelashes in two distinct ways: by increasing the growth phase of the individual hair follicles, and increasing the number of hairs which grow. Latisse® comes with sterile applicators which are used every night to apply the serum on the upper lash line of a clean, makeup free face. Contact lenses should be removed and applicators should only be used for single use to avoid complications. After around 2 months, results should appear. Latisse® should not be applied to the lower lash line as it will migrate there naturally when the user blinks. If applied on the lower lash line, hair may begin to grow outside the treatment area.

Side Effects

Latisse® may have some side effects. Patients with personal or family history of eye problems such as conjunctivitis or macular edema should disclose this information to their doctor before using Latisse®. Regular side effects may include dry eyes, eye redness and itchiness, or darkening of the skin around the eyelid. Any side effects should be discussed with a doctor.


After the creation of a new drug to treat glaucoma, doctors using it discovered their patients saw a dramatic increase in the strength, length, and visibility of their eyelashes. What started as a medical side effect became a full-fledged treatment for sparse eyelashes soon after. Latisse® has been growing in popularity across the United States in the years since its creation, becoming one of the top treatments for people with short, light, or few eyelashes.

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