“About a year and a half ago I stumbled upon Chad Hillyer, and his staff at Skin PC, when I was unable to get into my regular dermatologist’s office for almost 6 months. I am so pleased with the care I have had I want to share my experience with anyone looking for potential dermatologists.

Firstly, the office staff is welcoming and easy to deal with. In addition to that the staff makes sure patients are able to make an appointment as soon as possible, regardless of how busy Chad and his staff is. Moreover, I did not wait long at all for my appointment, which I know all patients appreciate!

Secondly, the nurse and PA that I worked with were assertive in asking me questions about any and all of the issues I was in the office for. In my previous experience with physicians of any kind this was the best initial consultation I have had and I have had a lot. Not once did I feel rushed or insignificant based on my issue. I
also felt that the nurse and PA were equally as concerned as Chad. I was included as a partner in finding the result to my issue versus throwing out demands.

Lastly, Chad Hillyer was wonderful! My consultations have been easy going and conversational all while taking my issue very seriously, even if it was a small one. It is also important to note that not once did I feel a level of hierarchy during my consultations, which can be an issue for some patients with their physicians of any

Conclusive to my personal experience, I am am advocate for this practice and really appreciate how I have been treated as an individual and patient.”

Skin P.C. Dermatology patient, June 11, 2013