Diamond Glow

Cosmetic Procedures


Instantly perfect any skin with Diamond Glow technology. This noninvasive procedure works wonders in just 30 minutes with no downtime afterward. The process is gentle enough to preserve patient comfort but powerful enough to provide a noticeable improvement to the skin’s volume, texture, hydration, and tone. Diamond Glow can be performed virtually anywhere on the body on any skin tone. The treatment exfoliates the damaged top layer of skin while infusing anti-aging and other benefit-rich serums deep into the skin.

How It Works

Real diamonds provide exfoliation through the patented device used in Diamond Glow. Diamonds help deliver uniform exfoliation and provide the ultimate skin refining experience. Renew dry, damaged skin with a Diamond Glow exfoliation. In addition to exfoliation, Diamond Glow offer precise delivery to specifically target dark spots, stretch marks, cellulite and signs of aging. Vacuum pressure offers a deep clean for pores, removing dirt and flushing out toxins. Skin is restored with volumizing hydration as part of the Diamond Glow treatment.


There are many benefits to Diamond Glow treatments. Exfoliation removes dead, dry skin cells to reveal the youthful, healthy skin underneath. Specific skin conditions are addressed with professional serum infusions. Detoxifying lymphatic drainage is a type of gentle massage that encourages natural lymph drainage. This carries waste products away from the tissues in your skin. Skin will appear fuller and firmer with the volumizing effects of the Diamond Glow. The procedure will also increase circulation and stimulate collagen production.